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 Getting Started

If you would like for us to file the proper insurance claims for you, then it is your responsibility to do the following:


1) It is your responsibility to call your insurance carrier to make sure that Dr. Voorhees is on their provider panel and find out if an authorization or referral is required by your insurance.  ​​


  • Your insurance carrier will also inform you of your co-payment for out-patient mental health visits and the amount of your deductible. It is your responsibility to know what your deductible is and if it has been met.


  • If you have a large deductible that has not been met, then you should be prepared to pay the full amount at the time of service. We will immediately reimburse you if we find that any amount paid to the provider did not apply to your deductible.


2) You may print out the Statement of Understanding and Registration Form at the bottom of this page. We will need to have a completed Registration Form and a signed copy of the Statement of Understanding at your initial visit.


  • We suggest that you also print a copy of the Statement of Understanding for your records.


  • We will make a copy of your insurance card and a photo ID at your initial visit. You may also obtain forms at the office if you prefer.

  • We prefer that co-payments are made by check or cash, but if you plan to use a credit card, then you will need to print and sign the Credit Card Authorization Form.

  • If you will need any copies of medical records sent to another doctor, school, attorney, or any other party, then you must sign a separate Release of Information Form for each party.  If you are being seen as a couple, both parites must sign a separate authorization form.


3) To schedule an appointment, call 314-222-2040. Leave your name and number if you reach the voice mail. You may also schedule appointments through the billing office: 314-291-4611.

Documents Available for download

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